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About Us

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Welcome to Alzheimer's For All, a dedicated platform committed to raising Alzheimer's awareness and providing valuable resources for individuals and families impacted by this disease. At the helm of Alzheimer's For All is Sandra R. Kiser, a passionate advocate, caregiver, and author with a profound personal connection to Alzheimer’s.


Sandra brings her unique perspective and expertise to Alzheimer's For All as a seasoned caregiver who has navigated the challenges of Alzheimer's firsthand. With unwavering dedication and compassion, Sandra has cared for loved ones affected by the disease, drawing from her own experiences to provide support and guidance to others facing similar journeys.


In addition to her role as a caregiver and advocate, Sandra is also an accomplished author, having published two books titled “Mysterious Wonderment: When Alzheimer’s Disease Becomes Your Word of the Day” and "The Amazing Adventures of the Jolly Heart Squad." The first is Sandra’s personal story and journey with Alzheimer’s while helping to care for her mom and brother. The latter, a heartwarming tale, illustrated with warmth and humor, shares valuable lessons about friendship, compassion, and resilience, while also raising awareness about Alzheimer’s.


Through Alzheimer's For All, Sandra endeavors to bridge the gap between awareness, understanding, and action, providing a professional yet approachable space for individuals impacted by Alzheimer's to access existing support, information, and community. Join Sandra and the Alzheimer's For All team in our commitment to enhancing Alzheimer's awareness every month.


Welcome to Alzheimer's For All, where awareness matters every day.

Alzheimer's Advocate 

Sandra Kiser
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