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Alzheimer's For All is dedicated to shedding light on Alzheimer's disease and fostering understanding, compassion, and empowerment within our community. Inspired by the values embodied in Sandra R. Kiser's book, "The Amazing Adventures of the Jolly Heart Squad," our mission is to educate and bring awareness about Alzheimer's in a gentle and uplifting manner.

Sandra Kiser Photo Credit: @TerryRphotography

Through heartfelt storytelling and subtle references to the lessons learned in Sandra's book, we aim to remind our audience of four key principles:


  • Empowerment Over Fear: Alzheimer's, while challenging, should not instill fear. Instead, we aim to empower individuals with knowledge and understanding, enabling them to navigate the journey with resilience and hope.

  • Courageous Compassion: Like the characters in Sandra's book, we believe in facing Alzheimer's with courage and compassion, showing kindness and empathy to those affected by the disease.

  • Open Communication: Just as Sandra's characters embark on a journey of discovery, we encourage open dialogue about Alzheimer's, creating a safe space for conversations and reflections.

  • Empathetic Engagement: In the spirit of Sandra's message, we advocate for patient listening and understanding in the presence of Alzheimer's patients, honoring their feelings and dignity.

With our mission deeply rooted in the values of Sandra's book, Alzheimer's For All strives to make a positive impact in the Alzheimer's community, one story, one conversation, and one heart at a time.

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