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The Jolly Heart Squad, with Author Sandra R. Kiser

Pam Perry

Mar 27, 2023

Sandra Talks with Pam Perry

Sandra R. Kiser is not just a writer; she's a beacon of hope in the fight against Alzheimer's. With roots deeply planted in the literary world and a profound career across the A/E/C industry, Sandra has pivoted her focus towards a cause close to her heart. Her standout publication, Mysterious Wonderment, dives deep into the complexities of Alzheimer’s, weaving a narrative that’s both personal and universally resonant. But Sandra didn't stop there. She brilliantly extended her advocacy to the younger generation with The Amazing Adventures of the Jolly Heart Squad. This children’s book, along with its companion coloring book, opens a compassionate window into understanding Alzheimer's, crafted with the intent to educate, empathize, and inspire. Living in the serene backdrop of Central Florida, Sandra continues to merge her passion for writing with her mission to shine a light on Alzheimer’s, proving that words can indeed change the world. Through her engaging and enlightening storytelling, Sandra Kiser stands as a pivotal voice in Alzheimer’s awareness, making a lasting impact one word at a time.

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